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Team of selected, skilled and motivated faculty is engaged in some real quality research work at the institute apart from their routine teaching and extracurricular works and published many research papers in different national and international journals and sent students for presentations at different seminars. Truba Institute of Pharmacy is rated under: Top Pharmacy Colleges in MP, Best Pharmacy Colleges in Bhopal.

Dr. Surendra K Jain awarded as Inspirational Director by IPA

Dr. R S Pawar Chair the sessions in 8th international congress of Society of Ethnopharmacology SFEC 2021 on Ethnopharmacology & Medicinal Plant- Approach towards Product Development

Dr. R S Pawar awarded as Inspirational Principal by IPA

Dr. Har Govind Garg awarded PhD from LNCT University, Bhopal Title of thesis: Pharmacological screening of Cannabinoids obtained from Cannabis sativa for their Anti Diabetic activity

Dr. R S Pawar got Felicitation award on SFEC 2021 Pune

Dr. R s Pawar received felicitation in the 9 International Congress of soceity for Ethanopharmacology (SFE) Mysur by SFE India

Best Scientific content award given to Mr. Vinod Kumar Dhote, Asst. Prof. of TIP at ADINA, Sagar

Prof. Vinod Kumar Dhote , Associate Professor, Truba Institute of Pharmacy,Bhopal is Conferred With ” Young Researcher Award” For Extra Ordinary Work In Field Of Health Care “By Pharmaceutical Royal International Society (PRISAL)'” on 11 June 2022 at M.P. Council of Science and Technology (MPCST).

Laboratory and Facilities

Truba Institute of Pharmacy provides researchers with access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.


Truba Institute of Pharmacy filed product patent in 2014 (First private institute filed such patent).

Truba Institute of Pharmacy designated as IPGA MP state branch head office in 2014.

MPCST sponsored project entitled “Enhanced transdermal delivery of therapeutics for effective management of osteoarthritis”.

AICTE sponsored two weeks Faculty Development Programme.

MPCST sponsored national seminar on “Status and need of IPR in Pharma Sector”.

Research project funded by Madhya Pradesh council of science & technology on “Enhanced transdermal delivery of therapeutics for management of osteoarthritis” has been completed.